We offer brief intensive extracurricular educational workshops on digital design and fabrication. During a three-year period from 2013 to 2015, we planned and held three FabLab workshops in a collaboration with Center for Excelence in Architectural Technology at University of Tehran, each of which engaged 40-60 students from different levels and backgrounds. These workshops were: “FabLab I,  Digital Fabrication in practice: Design and Fabrication of a Bus Station”, “FabLab II, Response: an Experimental Approach to Responsive Design”, and “FabLab3: Rethinking the Traditional Design and Construction Languages”. At each of these workshops, practitioners and researchers in our group, in collaboration with researchers at other institutions in Europe and US, offered lectures, which was accompanied by groupwork hands-on experiences. The lectures and tutorials covered topics on parametric modeling and design scripting basics in Rhino Grasshopper and Processing, electronics with Arduino and Firefly, and digital fabrication with CNC milling machine, laser cutter, FDM 3D printer, and woodworking tools. After the introductory lectures, students had hands-on practices in small groups to design and build projects that were presented and reviewed at the end of each workshop.The 4th workshop series was started in September 2015 in collaboration with Stichting Waag Society’s BioHack Academy, Amsterdam.